Chilli Champs 2015

Fire Dragon Chilies Champs 2015.

HEAT 1: Hallertau Chilli and Hop Fest, March 14th. CHAMP: MAGMA Martin Visser
HEAT 2: Dos Amigos, Mission Bay, 23rd April 8p…m CHAMP: Tim MORUGA Montgomerie
HEAT 3: LBQ, Wellington, April 25th ANZAC day 6pm CHAMP: JOLOKIA John Grant Mackie
Heat 4 Champs at RA BAR: Jess “Chilli Fillie” Gardner and Kaddy Saidy
CHAMPS: Jess CHILLI FILLIE Gardner and Kaddy Saidy
HEAT 5: Fox and Ferret, CHCH, May 20th 8pm
HEAT 6: Brew Bar, Rotorua, May 23, 3pm
HEAT 7: Union Post, Ellerslie, 2pm
HEAT 8: Fox and Ferret, Palms, June 11, 8pm


The National FINAL will be at Sweat Shop Brew Bar, Sale St, Auckland July 18th, 4pm


A small Hokianga chilli sauce business has put the heat on international competition by coming second at the New York City Hot Sauce Festival contest, the Screaming MiMis…

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In The NZ Herald News Burning your ass!

Award Winning Chilli Sauce

Another award for the Smoky Dragon Chipotle!

2ND PLACE AT THE SCREAMING MiMi Awards at New York HOT Sauce Festival

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HEAT 1 Hallertau Champ: “Magma” Martin Visser
HEAT 2 Dos Amigos Champ: Tim ‘Moruga” Montgomerie
HEAT 3 Little Beer Quarter: “Jolokia” John Grant – Mackie

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Word Hot Sauce Awards




3rd BEST HOT sauce, Deadly Chill Sauce


2nd BEST HOT sauce, Xtra Hot 3rd BEST SAVOURY sauce, Smoky Dragon Chipotle


1st place GOURMET chilli sauce, Gourmet Hot sauce
1st place JALAPENO sauce, New Zealand Green
2nd BEST EXTRA HOT sauce, Dragons Fury
3rd BEST CHIPOTLE, Smoky Dragon Chipotle
3rd BEST FRUIT sauce, SS Venom

1st place XTRA HOT section, Deadly

Home of NZs


original Carolina Reaper , Trinidad Scorpian &
Bhut/Naga Jolokia Chilli sauces

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All of our products are Hand Crafted and made in micro batches in Northland, NZ, Aotearoa. All sauces are made with no preservatives, colourings or other crap! Our NUMBER 1 ingredient is CHILLI!
Gourmet Chilli Products Grown and Hand crafted in New Zealand No Preservatives, Colourings, Thickners or Nasty Stuff Made From All Natural Ingredients All Chillies are Grown Organically right here in NZ, our chilli plants are fed spring water and no chemicals or pesticides are used!

  These bad boys are now in the Dragons Fury and it is FURIOUS. Carolina Reapers are also in the

Dragons Fury and NZ Champs 2014 limited edition (only 100 bottles produced).

Producing NZs HOTTEST chilli sauces since 2008
We do it all, from seed to sauce!

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If you like your food HOT, you’ve come to the right place because all our sauces are packed with real chillies and are guaranteed to wake up those taste buds. All our chillies are grown organically in Aotearoa and only the finest make it into our sauce. We are 100% grown and produced in NZ. We have a wide range of chillies from all corners of the planet including the hottest there is the feared Trinidad Scorpian Morougas, Butch Ts, Bhut Jolokia, Naga Morich and Bih Jolokia. They are the main ingredient in our Deadly sauce and our even hotter DRAGONS FURY which is EXTREMELY HOT and must be used with CAUTION!. I hope you enjoy our range of Fire Dragon Chilli sauces but be warned they are for REAL CHILLI LOVERS!!! Interview with Kevin Blakeman